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Hi Sam! Hope your move went well and you are finding community on base.  There's a Waldorf school over in Palm Harbor which my daughters attended, also you might want to check out Holistic Homeschooler Tampa Bay. Molly
I realize this may very well be completely pointless to post here, but I trust in my mdc mamas more than random folks from cl.     It'd be just my boyfriend and I, my three kids will be staying back in fl with my ex.  His dog will be staying home w a friend. We're pretty easy-going, friendly people, not into hard drugs or anything crazy.   Additionally/ alternately, I'd be down for doing a swap type deal- ie you let us stay with you for a week, and you can come...
Hi Amahrey! Where are you guys from, if you don't mind my asking?
I had googled and found silk gorgette somewhere for around $9/yd. I think maybe here- http://www.fashionfabricsclub.com/ca...px?ItmID=CC153 I don't know what weight of the silk chiffon @ dharma would be closest, though? Would it be best to find a strapless dress pattern to use for the underdress, and then just figure out the draping after I make that?
Quote: Originally Posted by vmonterrey I am a midwife in Erie. there is a group Erieparents on yahoo. last week was the discover Presque Isle at lake Erie. fun and artsy. I'll check it out- thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by cricketlickit I'm in Meadville. We've been here for a year. We lived in Warren the year before that, and we're originally from NE Ohio. I've got family in OH, right outside Wheeling WV.
Thanks, ladies! I'll have to see if I can "swing" it. lol If I do get to make it, I'll post back and let you know how it goes.
I am in love with this dress. http://ny-image0.etsy.com/il_430xN.163287880.jpg There's no way in the world it will fit me, so I'd like to make one very similar- in my size. Is there a good place to find vintage inspired patterns? How much yardage do you think a dress like this would take? Are there any places to find silk gorgette more cheaply? I really want to make myself this dress! Thanks in advance for your help/ suggestions!
Has anyone ordered from this company? Pure Indian Foods ® Grassfed Organic Ghee I'm curious if this would be a good source of K2.
I've had abscesses before, on teeth which have had root canals. I've had good success with salt water rinses, and applying a little tea tree oil directly to the area. Tastes yucky, but works well. I'd do this a couple times a day, and take some garlic and vitamin c, and usually it goes away. HTH!
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