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Last 2 products that were not found in the options I promise!! 1) Munchkin waterproof liners (comes in packs of 3) - I love these because they are waterproof so very easy to wipe clean because messes WILL get on changing pad. I'll throw them in the wash once a week and have a backup to use in the meantime. I tried using cotton covers and YUCK.... I gave up on those within the first 2 weeks. 2) Charlie Banana hanging diaper bag - I prefer not to hang the bag instead I...
As far as diaper creams I prefer either coconut oil (can be purchased at any health food store) but ask doctor first as many people are allergic to coconut!! I am also a HUGE advocate for the NIVEA baby line. It is VERY VERY hard to find but Nivea has been used by my family for generations. For diaper cream I like either the Smoothy Cream or Soft Cream. No reactions and keeps baby protected and soft. Fabulous!
My favorite diaper bag was not on the list so i'm adding it here! It is the Vera Bradley convertible baby bag. I am an unconventional woman... I detest purses and instead fit all of my things in a pocket wallet. If I ever HAVE to have a purse I use a cross-body or backpack style only. Shoulder straps hurt my shoulders or one strap constantly falls down... not for me. And holding a bag... yeah right us moms need our hands!!! This new bag came out and can be worn as cross...
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