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Do you guys want to see something funny?   
Oh and I've lost 1.8 pounds on my first week on WW in case anyone care. It's a small milestone but a milestone nonetheless. go me!
@rcr - thanks for keeping it real about your experience. Everyone has said it varies so I guess I will find out soon enough!   @chuord Thanks for that link on the oil washing. I'll ask the specialist about it when we meet. I'm thinking I will try to schedule my appt on a Friday so that if I have any discomfort, I can recover over the weekend before going back to work.   @tracyamber Oil washing was not the face oil washing, my dear LOL I thought the same thing when I...
@chuord Tell me more about this oil washing...
First, let me give you a hug  I'm going to be honest; as women, especially women that have already had a child, the yearning for another does not go away. It's in our nature and who are we to fight nature.  Many of us on this thread have been TTC for months, even years with little to no success but we still have hope! Trust your gut when it comes to your body; if you feel like something is wrong, go check it out. Much like you, I have a 5 year that I conceived with no...
@Xerxella So, um, about that tracking... I totally haven't been tracking a single thing since March 22.  When I said I was letting go, I was really letting go LOL
@adiejan i probably should, huh? LOL I gues I'll pick one up during lunchtime. But I'm only 3 days late. Would it even show now?
The doctor has ordered my HSG test. I call in the morning to schedule my appointment. I'm thinking I will do it on a Friday afternoon.    What has been everyone else's experience?
Hang in there @adiejan  AF is 3 days late for me and i don't know whether I should POAS or just wait it out LOL
I am going to move forward with the test. Emailed my doc this morning. I started researching it last night and watched a couple of YT vids of women who have gone through it. Quite a few said it wasn't that bad. I think more than anything it will help me move forward in general. No hubby and this semen analysis is another thing....   I showed him the email and he said he doesn't understand why he would need to do a test when we did one at home. I told him that one was...
New Posts  All Forums: