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Thanks so much for your reply! :-)
Thanks so much for your reply Dr. Sears. I really value your advice and appreciate your time.
Hi! Nice seeing you on this board as well! :-) Thanks so much for your replies.
Thanks for your reply. :-)
Hi Dr. Sears,   I was wondering what your thoughts and recommendations are regarding fluoride treatments and children. My little one is 4 1/2 and I've refused fluoride topical applications in the past with the pediatric dentist. At the last appointment I had mentioned when I made the appointment that I did not want fluoride applied and it was done despite what I asked. Besides being extremely angry that they did not listen to me is there anything to be concerned about?...
Hi Ladies,   I've been searching for a pediatric dentist (preferably holistic) in Central NJ but so far my search hasn't found any and would appreciate any recommendations. I've been happy with our pediatric dentist up until recently. I had specifically asked that fluoride not be given during the visit and it was done regardless of what I asked! Am I overreacting? Does your pediatric dentists usually recommend fluoride at each visit and if so, at what age is it usually...
Hi Ladies,   I have another question for those of you that have filed for a religious exemption in the past. When did you hand in your application or registration paperwork? Did you go directly to the school during school hours or did you apply or register during a specific date with other parents at the same time as well? Seems some schools do both and am wondering if it were better to just stop by during the week to drop off the paperwork or to go when there is a...
Interesting. I've always wondered who has access to personal health records in schools. So much for HIPPA huh? Do you know if the registry is automatic in each state and can schools access this information or just health care providers? Thanks for your replies.
Thanks again Emmy.
Thanks again for replying. You made an excellent point about calling even discretely. Didn't think of it that way and you're absolutely right! About previous vaccines, do you know if all states have a vaccine registry? From what I understand the exemption should be accepted regardless of previous vaccinations?
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