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Sarah~ Could you explain your rationale for those interventions? I just don't really understand how that would relate to abruption.
Thats too bad. It must depend on the text book because in my class we used a developmental psych textbook that seemed very midwife friendly, I think it was by David Schaffer. It even talked about the benefits of drug-free birth and babywearing-- its seemed sorta AP to me.
: Very good question. Waiting for responses (cuz I don't have any really )
That quote was in the news paper article: Quote: But worst of all, according to Daniel, soy formulas contain extremely high levels of isoflavones -- the same agent supposedly contributing to thyroid malfunction. As a result, babies fed soy-based formula have 13,000 to 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their blood than babies fed milk-based formula -- the estrogenic equivalent of at least five birth control pills per day. Thanks!
Somewhere I heard that an ounce of soy formula is comparable to 6 birth control pills in relation to the amount of estrogen or estrogen like compounds. Does anyone have a link to a credible source about soy formula? It seems to be handed out at the hospital I work at without any questioning or education (of course BFing is ideal, but I have to start where I can ),
This was just in the news recently and may be something useful if you are not opposed to supplements: Pregnant women who take calcium supplements reduce their risk of developing preeclampsia, sometimes called toxemia of pregnancy, according to a new study. However, calcium supplementation has no effect on the risk of preterm birth or stillbirth. Dr. G. J. Hofmeyr, of the University of the Witwatersrand/University of Fort Hare, East London, South Africa, and...
I like that one! Any more? So far: Jenna's Team Jenna's Dream Team Jaunt for Jenna Jenna's Crew
Thanks Nicole! I may want to do that once I figure what is all involved and what i will need to get started, but to register I have to figure out a name.
Ok I need help from all you wise women. My best friend was just diagnosed with Leukemia a couple weeks ago. She is doing well so far and she has a lot of support, but it has been a rough adjustment. I want to start a team for a walk called "light up the night" it raises tons of money for research. I have to think of an awesome team name to honor my friend. It has to be short and more creative then the best thing I can think of (team Jenna : ) Her name is Jenna, she...
I hadn't had much of this either until I started working in the hospital because honestly people with this mindset don't usually choose out-of-hospital birth or doulas. I often have clients in the hospital that want nothing to do with their births-- they want to tune out, feel little to nothing, etc... Many are very happy to have a baby, they just seem to not appreciate or care about the process. Why did she choose a doula? What does she expect you to do?
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