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I am the Executive Director of a non-profit, my advice is to keep going to work and like GuildJenn said  at the very least you have to wait for them to not pay you. One of the reasons the board may not have told anyone is that they may be trying to get some money together. Depending on how your organization is funded if its through government contracts they might be looking at getting a loan from bank against those contracts or a line of credit to make...
  This is interesting to me. I have always been interested in tarot but due to my upbringing, etc never could bring myself to actually deal with them in anyway. Even now I am still on the fence despite knowing a bit more but the cards you mentioned are definitely something I want to look into.
  Yes a UCC church while Christian is pretty liberal, I know because I attend one. Let's just say that I regularly run into several of my church members attending meditation at the local yoga studio. UCC IMO is really not that far from a UU church at all, our church is heavily into social justice, we are a green church, etc. My dad who is a hardcore evangelical type attended a service and pretty much hated it, no one is trying to convert anyone to anything.    
  Good book to check out I am just finishing it is by Joan Borysenko and its called A Woman's Journey to God; Finding the Feminine Path. More later.  
  You were meant to start this thread. Just this week I told my husband that I no longer felt I was a Christian yet I really can't say I am a Pagan as the more I look deeper into it, there are many things there that don't resonate with me and at my core I still pray and praise Jesus. Its just that for me I see the divine as a woman in many facets, how can I not look at the ocean (live 10 mins away in Maine) and not see God and feel that peace?   Due to my work, I know...
This is so deep...yes Christ went out into the wilderness to pray/think/meditate...yet in many of today's churches if you said this you would be met with raised eyebrows. Which frankly makes no sense, instead Christians are told not to "worship" creation. I just don't get it. If we are to be Christ-like would it not make sense that we too may consider this? Sigh....just thinking outloud here.    
I think this is what made me push away, between looking at seminary and heading up a faith based agency, I have seen myself going from a love of Christ to actually realizing that the hypocrisy I have seen in recent years from Christians has pushed me away. Yet in trying to accept a new way of thinking out of the box, I feel like my faith is growing. Granted years of the think XYZ or else thought process is going yo be hard for me to shake.  
  Like a broken record, yes to what you said! That was exactly how I have been feeling, perhaps its the problem with the labels. I am interested in learning more about nature based spirituality/paganism but I am not there because I hate Jesus, he is still very much a part of my life. My daily prayer/meditation life still involves reading the bible among other things. I wonder and worry about how people will receive what some may feel is confusion on my part. I only...
I totally relate to what you wrote. I am a journey yet I see Jesus as always being part of that journey. Yet I am starting to reconcile there is a part of me that does lean towards nature learning yet coming from a more fundamental/fear based way it creates a lot of anxiety but I am learning to deal with it...even just posting here is a big step for me.  
Coming from an Evangelical background and I am embarrssed to admit this but there was no discussion about how the Bible came into being, you are pretty much taught its God's word and you believe it...case closed. It was really learning that that things were left out of the Bible without a doubt and for me learning about the pre-Christ era and in a way feeling like what I was taught was meant to manipulate and control others. I mean even how I came to Christ was based on...
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