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Congrats she is beautiful!  I think that's a great idea! Hopefully it would be a positive story but even so people might react negatively.
Congrats mama! Your story is beautiful and proclaims the wonderful glory to God! 
Thanks, I could use it :) Had a chance to calm down, and like you said I got what I wanted so I think I will just focus on the positive of that!.
OK so I have been hovering for the last couple of months, BTW you ladies are awesome, got lots of great info from here. Anyways this will be our first planned up/uc. Ds1 was a birth center water birth w/midwife and Ds2 was supposed to be the same but end up an unplanned unassisted on my moms sofa (my mom freaked,lol). So I started getting some bad vibes about two weeks ago and I have been doing  home urine tests for a week now. I  tested positive for protein and...
Wow, same here almost! hoping to be so blessed. 20, 22, and third due days before my 24th birthday.
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