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My son is three years old and has snored since he was an infant. I used to think it was cute, but am now aware of all the issues that come with it. Not long ago, I noticed that he would stop breathing for small periods when he was sleeping. I took him to the pediatrician who referred him to a sleep study clinic. They looked at his tonsils and noticed that they are big (not huge), but they were also irritated. I believe he said they looked vascular. He said that because...
I do! My boys are young, but I've already learned so much and I'd LOVE to share anything that can help! Thank you!
I am just starting my battle with this issue and am hoping you can tell me how you started.    -First off, I'm not 100% sure about the tonsil size thing, but our pediatrician said that tonsils and adenoids usually reduce in size around age 7. I'm not sure how old your child is, but the pediatrician told us that his concern with waiting for the tonsils to naturally go down is that our boy will suffer during his important early learning years. I'm not comfortable...
Hello all!   Just wanted to write a quick hello and let you all know that I'm looking forward to being a part of the Mothering Community! I'm a newly single mother of two boys. My oldest is 3 years and my youngest is 19 months. I'm sure I'll be bouncing around in a few different threads, as I have a ton going on right now and have a lot of questions!   Looking forward to meeting you all!
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