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Welcome, Moogan!!
I'm so sorry to hear you and your family are going through this.    You may want to check out Tammy Bennett-Daughtry's website, CoParenting International.  She offers some great insight and advice for these types of situations.   Praying for you!
I'm so sorry, softballdad, to hear your daughter is going through this.     As the other posters have mentioned, continued counseling for the family and individual counseling for your daughter may be beneficial.  Also, letting her know she is always welcome in "your" home, can provide her with a secure and loving foundation in the midst of these challenges with her mom.     I'm not sure if you are familiar with Tammy Bennett-Daughtry and her work around co-parenting?...
Please know you are not alone in dealing with this!  Here is an article from the non-profit I work for that also has advice and tips for you:  http://bit.ly/18bUhOq   Hope you find this helpful!  Praying for you . . .
I'm so sorry you are going through this right now - I am the step-mom to 2 DSS's and even without the addition of extra children, they can be a handful.  Are you familiar with Ron Deal's book, The Smart Stepmom?  It has been a life-saver!  You may be able to pick it up at the local library.  Praying for you and your family!!!
I'm so sad to hear you are going through all of this . . . and good for you taking care of yourself and your two precious babies!!!   The non-profit I work for offers phone counseling (with licensed counselors) for people who don't necessarily need on-going counseling but who are feeling the pressures and overwhelm of life.  If you think it might help to just be able to talk to someone and get some insight and advice, please reach out to our counselors (at no cost to...
Figuring all of this out can be challenging!  My skids are 13 and 16 (boys) and very used to their dad doing things for them - and getting what they want, when they want. The transition (we just got married 6 months ago) has been/is a bit of a roller coaster ride at times!  Ron Deal and Laura Petherbridge wrote a book called The Smart Step-Mom and it has provided invaluable guidance to me in setting boundaries, communication, etc.  Praying for you!!!!!
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