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So, I have your typical three-year-old and all the dilemmas that go along with that. We do fairly well with GD, but he's stumping me on his newest behavior: saying "I can't" to things that he clearly can do. Usually I'm asking him to do something, which he obviously doesn't want to do. If it's not a big deal, I usually just shrug it off, but if I'm not sure what to do when that something actually needs to be done. Here's a couple of examples: Me "Time to get...
The tip of my braid was always one of my DS's favorite things to chew and play with, which I find gross because I canNOT stand hair in my mouth.
I have my DS stomp his feet and say "I'm mad" - not that he does it yet, but it does get the physical aspect of being angry out of your system in a (hopefully) nondestructive manner.
Lay down an old sheet next time - even easier clean-up since you can just pick up the corners and everything slides to the middle. Rice is fun to play with as well, and even smells good.
You can't MAKE someone go to the bathroom. You could enforce "you have to SIT on the potty before bed" (we changed our rule to the sit on the potty version instead of the go potty version before going out so my DS at least tries to go).
Well, I'm going to Portugal the beginning of September and leaving my three-year old with the grandparents (tickets are too expensive right now to afford him as well). But, I will be taking the nursing three-month old with us. Granted, she can sit on my lap, but I decided the guilt of not taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to Portugal outweighed the guilt of leaving my DS behind with his very loving grandparents. So I'm going!
One thing that really helps my DS is a warning that this is the last book I'm going to read before I go fix dinner. That way he isn't surprised at the end of the story that the fun is done and he's at least a little more prepared and less likely to throw a temper tantrum. The way I think about it is how would you feel if you were having fun doing something when the other person just arbitrarily stopped it?
When my DS gets in this mood and just can't choose anything, I will put my foot down and give him the last chance to decide or it just goes on and on. So, something like "are you sure? This is your last chance to change your mind?" And then firmly stick with his choice because really, no choice is going to be acceptable to him at that point in time. Acknowledge that there will be a tantrum no matter what you do and don't bother trying to avoid it. Save your energy for...
We do things like fruit and cheese, yogurt and pretzels, muffins. Nothing too fatty, but it should be more than just carbs so it sticks with them longer during the night (so hopefully they don't wake up starving in the middle of the night).
Is she actually hungry? Do you incorporate snack time into before bedtime routine? We have to because my DS eats so little at dinner time that he usually is hungry again by 7 so I give him a snack and then get him ready for bed. That way, I can tell him during snack time that this is the time to eat and once he's in bed if he says he's hungry, I'm pretty sure he isn't and can tell him snack time is over, it's time for sleeping now.
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