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Quote: Originally Posted by LovinLiviLou I think I was resisting the "remove the baby" concept because I want the toddler to love her sister and somehow I thought this would hinder that, but I think I had it backwards (at least for this stage and age). I know what you mean. I keep thinking that if I give them more time to interact, my toddler won't be ALL over the baby every time I set her down. Luckily nursing isn't really an issue here. I...
I love Baby Blues - I kept one on my fridge for the longest time about how to get rid of nosy people (i.e. you're STILL nursing!) when nursing in public.
I'm in the same boat, although now that DD is a little older (10 weeks) I'm not QUITE as nervous about DS touching DD. For the first month, though, I either wore her in a sling or she was sleeping in the cradle - DS didn't have much of an opportunity to touch DD. Now that DD isn't quite as fragile, and DD is awake more, there is more interaction, but it is closely supervised. DS doesn't hurt DD on purpose, but he has no clue about personal space. So, I'd have to say...
I agree with the PPs that a firm, raised voice is not the same as yelling. My personal response to yelling is wanting to cry (even as an adult) and the few times that I have broken down and yelled at my DS, he's had the same response. That's just not a helpful, learning response for whatever situation we're in so I do try to avoid it as much as possible.
Bare bum time always worked best around here to clear up diaper rashes.
organic soy, by definition, cannot be a GMO.
Right now we're really into chasing cars around the teeth and trying to catch them, but I've also done it with animals (and make the noises as they jump from the top to bottom teeth and hide way in the back).
I'm with mamazig - my DS has been wearing glasses since he was 11 months. Be prepared for them to be broken several times at first (so if they don't come with a warranty, buy one - it's definitely worth a little extra money). We didn't push wearing the glasses all the time at first, just put them on for a couple of minutes a day and gradually increased the time from there. With your DC being older, it might actually be easier, because they can see that it does help them...
This is why we instituted quiet time when nap time fell by the wayside - I just need a break during the day (and as a bonus, nap sometimes happen DURING quiet time!)
I've got a tiny boy as well. He's nearly three and the 2T shorts still fall right off of him. I'm sure he'll grow one of these days (or his little sister is going to stomp on him - she's in the 75th percentile for her age, he's in the 3rd)
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