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I won't throw out anything of my DH's without asking (beyond socks and undies with holes in them) because I wouldn't want him to do it to me. That being said, I will give him a pile of things and tell him to take care of it - which means he can't put it anywhere it will be in my way. It usually ends up on his desk for a few months, but I've promised myself I will let him have the desk for a catchall and not call him on the stuff on that.
My son will sit quietly as long as I sing to him. I usually run out of new songs before he gets fussy (we're talking over a half hour of singing and sitting quietly - which will get you to the next rest stop if you need it). You might want to prep some songs to sing, though, unless you don't mind repitition
I just finished Kate Elliot's _Child of Fire_ fourth in a series of at least five (she's not even sure how many will be the series) and I'm about to start a Philip K. Dick novel - all his stuff is fascinating.
I want to make a good compost pile this year (right now its in a big plastic bin that I can't really get into so how am I supposed to get out the good compost?) and I thought I'd follow the suggestion in the compost thread to use wooden pallets for the sides. So, where do I get them? I'd much prefer not to have to pay for them - any suggestions on places that have wooden pallets just lying around taking up space? Thanks!
BIg news - they moved up the next new Lost episode to the beginning of April so we don't have to wait six weeks. Hurrah!!!!!
Try Laurell K. Hamilton - she's a vampire hunter, lives in modern times (but with vampires and wereanimals and such) and some high quality romance. LOVE her stuff.
As long as your child is maintaining a normal curve on the growth charts, the actual size is nothing to worry about too much. My DS is your DD's size, and always has been. The doctor hasn't been worried as long as he's tracked a nice curve on the growth charts (meaning no sudden dips). Some kids are just smaller than others, just like adults. I don't think you need to worry about dwarfism or anything like that at this point in time, but by all means talk to your doctor...
My DS does this all the time at 19 months. He'll either put his hands over his ears or actually sticks his fingers in his ears. I'm pretty sure he does this for fun to change the sound of things because I see him covering and uncovering his ears rapidly, but it does seem a bit worrisome to mommy at first!
Quote: Originally Posted by late-night nan if anyone can post the link about elec savings, I'd be very grateful. also bwylde, where did you find the switch that cuts off elec to your dvd player? is it the same as shutting off a surge protector? Yes - its the same as shutting off a surge protector. This works great if you can set up your whole entertainment system on one surge protector. (Anything that has a light or clock uses energy even...
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