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My DS pooped on the potty on a regular basis much earlier than he peed, probably because he's a bit more regular in the timing of his poop (first thing in the morning). It doesn't have to be pee first!
If I get 15 minutes of my nearly 3 year old DS playing outside by himself, I'm happy. He likes to go outside, but he generally needs some direction in his playing. Do you guys have a big tree outside that you could bring some of his books out and he could read them under the tree while you knit with the baby?
Good luck with that - I've given up trying to keep things from my DS that we eat and he sees us eating. If they see you do it, they're going to want it to. The best you can do it limit the amount. For us, that means Daddy gets a whole glass of powdered lemonade for dinner and DS gets a little sip and then a big glass of milk for dinner, and Momma only eats chocolate when DS can't see.
My DS lived up to my expectations yesterday. We were playing in a kiddie pool and he was running back and forth over his clothes, so I asked him to bring me his clothes "so they wouldn't get wet". What did he do? Grabbed them, walked over to the pool, and got them wet. Just a great reminder to ask things in the positive manner (and perhaps not mention those consequences right away).
Oh they can go on a while, can't they. Yesterday, my DS tantrummed for a half an hour, calmed down enough to go in for quiet time, started up again and tantrumed for another half an hour until he wore himself out enough to go to sleep, and then woke up and tantrummed for another half hour at least! And don't even get me started on bedtime. It was a rough day.
Another here with an overzealous big brother. Honestly, I just never put my DD down without me being rught there or DS being asleep - that's a great time for tummy time!
Sorry, we bought ours two years ago, and I can't remember where we found the information - it was online at a biking site, I remember that!
I'll second the Wike - rates just as high in safety and features as the Burley, but a bit cheaper. You do realize kids shouldn't ride in the trailer until they're one, right?
I really like this argument - simple and easy to remember (good since the baby is sucking brain cells at an alarming rate).
I usually acknowledge that my DS is mad/angry/upset because he can't ... and then let him go. If it lasts a long time, I'll often say something along the lines of I know you're upset, so I'm going to go over here and do some work. You let me know when you need some snuggles. At some point, he usually walks over to me (still sobbing, but no longer throwing himself around the floor) and asks for some snuggles/hugs so he can feel better. In the heat of the moment, I...
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