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Sleep is my biggest issue with my DS. At 2.5, he has slept through the night before, but I'm pretty sure I can count those nights on my two hands. It varies from once to twice a night, although anything after three times and I just sleep in his bed in the hopes that I can get at least SOME sleep that night. I'm worried what I'm going to do when the baby comes in a month and a half since he only wants me in the middle of the night. At least I'm really good at going...
Your best bet is to track your own expenses for a couple of months (at least in terms of food and clothing) and see how much you spend and whether you can cut down/afford that much a month. As for electricity costs, my electric bill comes with an average monthly use so you can just use that number (assuming you've been in your house for at least a year).
Play with an old sheet - honestly, my DS will do this with me for a half an hour or more (my arms get tired WAAYYY before he does). Take the sheet, spread it on the ground, sit on one side and fluff it up and down so it catches air and your DS will run into the air bubble. Put stuffed animals or balls on the sheet and flip it in the air. Have him lay underneath it and fluff it over him. Lots of fun!
I like your first sign, but honestly, I don't think a sign will be as effective as telling someone not to spank in your house unless they're already interested in looking for alternatives (or unless you've already warned them and this is just for reminder). Even if the individual sees the sign, they won't necessarily remember it in the heat of the moment of anger whereas a discussion will probably stick in their head more.
For my peace of mind (I don't want to have to be hovering and saying no, we don't play with that, play with this instead all the time), I keep the enticing objects out of reach until they aren't enticing anymore. Then I'm not getting annoyed and my DS isn't getting frustrated, and life is a whole lot nicer. That being said, there are very few placed I can put things anymore to be kept out of reach, so we do a lot more redirection at 2.5 than at 1.5. You've got...
Probably just an age thing that she'll grow out of. My son did the same thing for a while - big handfuls of sand going crunch crunch. I don't know what he saw in it, but he grew out of it eventually. There wasn't much I could do besides keep him out of the sand when he put it in his mouth (along the lines of - guess we're done with the sand since you put it in your mouth).
In my first pregnancy, I was under the impression that everyone's belly button "popped" by the end of the pregnancy. (As my DH said - how else do you know you're done?) That being said, mine never did. So I've always wondered how common it really is? Especially since a lot of the pregnany bellies you see in advertising have outie belly buttons. Come, soothe my curiousity. Thanks!
My DS dropped the afternoon nap before the morning nap (which made it really hard to get together with other mommas since all their kids slept in the afternoon and they wanted to get together when my DS wanted to sleep). I could never understand how my DS could be tired 3-4 hours after getting up, but then be able to last 7-8 hours until bedtime, but he could!
Hair is essentially protein so you need to make sure she's getting enough protein in her diet. Are her nails very fragile as well (that's another indication she wouldn't be getting enough protein in her diet)?
One of the reasons everone loves their Burley is their quality and safety. That being said, if you're going only four miles a day on a bike path, I'm sure the Kidarooz would work fine for you (and the cost savings is substantial).
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