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My DS learned to say "no" several months after learning "yes", which I thought was a neat trick. Now he just says "Don't say noooo!" when I'm trying to redirect, as in: you can have a mint after lunch - notice there is no "no" in that sentence and yet I get the wailing "Don't say noooo!"
Isn't 18 weeks early to feel the baby move? I thought I felt the baby moving really early in the pregnancy and then lost it for about a month before it definitely came back. I think what happened was the baby was in a sensitive position for a while (and I felt it move) and then it moved somewhere else that I just couldn't feel since it was still so small. Hope that helps!
So, which is worse - a scheduled induction or a scheduled C-section? And by this question, I'm not implying either is a good option, but some people use them - any difference in the quality of "badness" generally surrounding the option? ETA: And for the C-section, I am not referring to C-sections that are required for medical reasons. More along the lines of the movie stars who go a few weeks early so they "don't stretch their bellies out as much" (or so I've heard).
One of the best things you can do (and I'm not saying this is easy) is take some quality Momma time every day to recharge your patient batteries. What also really helps me is to get outside - I know, another not so easy thing to do this time of year, but it gets some energy out of my DS and the outside air does great things for clearing out impatience.
I know you can carry down low (that's where my babe is - sitting up straight is rough because it squishes baby who pushes back) or up high by the ribcage. There's also the watermelon (out sideways more) vs. basketball (big round belly) looks.
I can remember the docter telling my mom to give my sister more potassium in her diet to deal with the growing pains she had when younger. Good sources of potassium are white and sweet potatoes, as well as bananas.
We do NPR all the time in our house (I have a 2.5 year old). Even in the car on the way home, I tell him that its time for the news and not his music. THe only radio censoring we do has to do with what we are willing to have him repeat at a different time (so no Howard Stern or lsitening to the soundtrack to Rent). As for TV, we limit it to kids shows or sports when DS is around.
Eating a healthy diet with lots of protein is very helpful. Don't worry if you're having energy and eating issues in the first trimester - that's pretty normal and should go away once you get into the second trimester. Keeping up with exercise is helpful to get you through labor so you're not exhausted before your're done!
Sounds like you want to do what I did for my garden. We don't have a tiller and I've fenced the garden to keep out critters, so getting a tiller in would be difficult. To start the garden, I removed all the sod. Just get a shovel and a wheelbarrow, make some cuts in the sod in kind of straight lines, and then stick the shovel under the sod and lift. The roots of the grass will hold the sod together and leave everything underneath. Put it in the wheelbarrow, and...
Part of it just might be the age thing. If you've noticed some of the threads about three-year old lately, they often start with the feeling that "my child used to be so good - what happened!!" I know your DC is older, but that means he's able to be independent from you and make choices that you don't approve of, which makes AP and GD more difficult (in the sense that you have to become more creative to deal with the new problems that keep cropping up). Be patient...
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