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I do feel my daughter and I have a great bond I ment, as in will she adapt, or at least get used to him being here,or will it be a constant struggle.
Hi, I just recently started watching a baby, he's about the same age as my 9 month old,dd. I thought it would be great. And I could bring in some extra income. Well, this week, every time I hold him or feed him, she'll cling to me crying. She's walking, and he's not, but, she'll walk right beside him, push him down if he's standing, or crawling. When he leaves for the day, she nurses like crazy...and very clingy. Kinda feels like 'omg...MY mommy...MY time' To me, it seems...
so, i just took my 5 month old dd to see Dr. Patrice Mathews. I was referred to her from a friend.  It was just the first visit, but, from that she was wonderful. she didn't push vaccines at all. She told me what she thought was necessary, but obviously, was up to me. Not rude, very kind.
any of you St.Louis ladies know anything about Dr. Patrice Mathews?  
BumGenius free time.
Thanks for posting this!! I was getting ready to post the same thing. I just moved to the area (Ballwin) from ohio. So my kids plus our new little one need a good doctor. Selective vax, isn't rude about our home birth, and who is pro breastfeeding.
One month old!
With my first, I was 25
Baby snuggles
thank you :)  
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