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I don't post often anymore, but I need some help. Sorry in advance for the novel. Sleep issues with my 20 month old have gotten out of control. I'm so tired I'm not even sure I can coherently explain what's going on. For a long time she's been going to bed between midnight and 1am when I do, and sleeping until Noon (with nursing in between, of course). This worked because Allison (4yo) gets up around 8:30, so I got a decent amount of sleep and also got alone time...
Thank you! Today was DD1s birthday so we had no time to get over there, and we're going out of town for the day tomorrow, so I will try to get over there first thing on Sunday! So would it be irresponsible of us to go about life as usual for a week or so after exposure? We don't go many places, but DD loves her Friday ballet class.
I do selective/delayed vaccination, and chicken pox is one we had planned to skip and try to have them exposed to it before starting school. DD1 is 4 (today!) and DD2 is 14 months. My niece has chicken pox right now, so YAY! But here are my questions: My niece's spots started showing up Wednesday morning- Will she still be contagious if we have a pox playdate on Monday? What do we need to do to maximize the exposure potential? Niece is 13 months. Also,...
Yup, that's one way to do it! Here's what I found to be the easiest way (I hate carbon paper) I got a small light box at the craft store, printed out my design on the printer, stuck it under whatever I was embroidering on, then traced it with washable or disappearing ink. You could also trace the design on to tearaway stabilizer, iron it onto the "right" side of your fabric, embroider, then tear it away- this is a good option for embroidering on dark fabrics. HTH!
: Nice to see you all!!! The internet is BORING without TBW!!! And yet I am still managing to find ways to sit here and avoid housework.
I usually start at General Chat, then check my FSOT thread, then do New Posts I miss my TBW!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Isaac'sMa I'd cash them...otherwise I *know* I wouldn't be able to find them in 20 years! :
great minds think alike, we were posting simultaneously!
nak, but wanted to make sure everyone saw- post #6 here says they will leave the DDC open until the end of December. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=812118 I just came back on this afternoon and saw all the closing discussion! What a shock! I'm glad they gave us a little more breathing room
Elizabeth has had 2, maybe 3 baths. We're all prone to dry skin here. I was feeling badly about how few baths she's had so I posted about it a while back and no one else was bathing frequently so I felt better and haven't bathed her since! : I noticed last night that her hair was smelling kind of greasy but I'm scared to give her a bath by myself (baths are DHs thing) so we'll probably do one tomorrow night when he gets home. Elizabeth does NOT enjoy baths, so that's...
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