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I like my own dog because he is clean. Other dogs are gross because they usually smell bad or slobber. I hate cats, though. I don't really care what other people think of me. After the kiddies grow up, we might get a little dog. But he/she will have his own room to sleep in!
Quote: Originally Posted by brandyk i have been trying to do it with diet because i am wary about upping the glyburide. yesterday just sucked too much so i ate more today. i talked to the OB. they aren't really keen on upping the G either because of the hypoglycemia. but we are waiting a few more days before doing anything. alas, protein is not really a hunger killer for me. i can spend ALL DAY eating egg, cheese, nuts etc. and still be hungry....
Quote: Originally Posted by brandyk boo. my numbers have popped up by 10 pts or so over the last few days. today's fasting was over 100. i haven't been eating fruit etc and have been eating very little again to try to keep the numbers low. yesterday was a full on crying jag for hours (damnit i was freaking HUNGRY but my sugar was at 120 something so i couldn't eat). this is driving me nuts. i had like a week of happiness. despite starving i also...
You know, it just occured to me that I could walk to the park farther away. We went to a park 1 mile away so I got 2 miles in this morning.
Quote: Originally Posted by maciascl That is why I only do these. I call it aerobics for the uncoordinated You still get a good workout, but it isn't so complicated. Oh good so there is hope for me yet? I got a Leslie Sansone dvd from the library too, so I'll try that later today. Hey this morning I weighed 139.8!! Finally under 140 for the first time in 3 years. : 2.8 more pounds to go for this month.
Ok I'm going to the park now and I'm going to try walking around the play area for 15 minutes before she plays--I'll have to practice some of the resistance band stuff at home before I try it at the park so I don't whack myself in the face!
I got The Firm: total body time-crunch with Rebekah Sturkie from the library. God the steps are so difficult!!! I was getting totally frustrated. I was sweating a little by the end but I feel so dumb. The phrases she calls out before changes are idiotic, who can follow that? I guess I will just watch it over and over and try to keep up. I got a few more videos too, hopefully they will be easier to follow. I do like the pace, though.
When you go to the park and your kids are playing in the sand, do you do exercises? I want to since most parks we go to are deserted and my dd is fine playing with her sand toys by herself. I was thinking of bringing my resistance bands along, but what other types of things can I do besides lunges and squats? I can go on the swing but it makes me feel sick to go fast. I have to carry my 2.5 mo old in a carrier so I can't jump rope or anything like that. Or would I just...
I've kinda slacked on counting calories the past few days, but I think I am doing ok because now I know correct portion sizes. I went to the Gap today and I fit into size 8 pants! (Down from size 12/14) I didn't buy them, just wanted to see myself in a big mirror (we don't have one at our apt), and I'm doing pretty well! Even if the scale is not moving yet I definitely look a lot better.
Asia Carrera (sp?) is in Mensa The Wonder Years Savage boy went to Stanford or somewhere fancy like that
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