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My good friends adopted their first while living in Japan (they are Canadian). I think they were around 25-26 at the time. They have since moved back to Canada and have had 2 biological children. They are a wonderful family and they are all doing great! I think she wants to have one more baby of her own too, for a total of 4 kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by brandyk i ended up having a whole wheat mini bagel with a metric buttload of cream cheese. i couldn't fathom that ANY amount of cottage cheese/yogurt/cheese/etc would make me not hungry. i did fall asleep for the rest of the night and my sugar was 109 in the morning. they didn't give me anything for ketones testing. i didn't exercise yesterday. my calories are around 2100 a day i think. I am overweight. i have been using...
Quote: Originally Posted by brandyk Here's my update so far. get fuzzy headed driving home. eat about 6 cashews when i get home. doesn't work. blood sugar 89. dinner ready at 7, i eat. hungry at 8:30. crying at 9pm because i'm so hungry already (snack was at 4, lunch was at 1, but hey, my numbers were good and that's what matters right?). eat 1 cup (seriously) of fage, and fruit. bed @ 10:30. wake up 12:30 hungry. 1:15 get out of bed and have huge...
Quote: Originally Posted by wbg I am trying to get rid of my pregnancy fat, and well to be fair, some of my pre-pregnancy fat!! I am breast feeding every three hours. I can't afford to do one of the paid weight loss programs like jenny craig etc. So I have just started to be super healthy. An example of my daily diet is: non fat vanilla yoghurt with fruit for breakfast. Salad with chicken/meat grilled for lunch and dinner...no dressing. If I am...
Hello, just finished week 3, day 1. I had to drop down to column two just because I couldn't make it through all the levels in column three. I think I might repeat this week also--it's tough!
Hello! I read that Britney article also and immediately ordered a calorie counter book on paperbackswap.com. That's too funny! I'm trying to eat about 2,000 cals a day and 35 g of fiber. Boy is it hard to eat that much fiber! I need to go grocery shopping for more fruits and vegetables. We get vegetable delivery every other week but I'm thinking I might order it every week instead. I was wondering why I wasn't losing weight since I don't drink soda, juice, alcohol, or...
Does your 3 yr old use the big toilet already? A BBLP would be handy if she uses that.
nice! looks like you had a great time. my brows look like a jungle--
maybe cloth wipes? or maybe I missed it on your list.
I bring my own tools and don't put my feet in those bubbly things, but I am paranoid of staph and also dead skin floating around. The massage is so nice! Sometimes they massage your calves for you too. It is great to get rid of those cracked ankles for a few weeks also. What color polish are you going to get?
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