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Quote: Originally Posted by JaneS Sorry I've been MIA... There's a number of posts I want to answer but can't right now. I'm researching C. difficile and S. boulardii. Apparently Elaine has approved S. boulardii for the SCD which really surprises me (it's a beneficial yeast). I'm going to try to find out more about this. I'm kicking myself for not knowing about C. difficile sooner. One of the best tests for it is organic acids in the urine. ...
Hello! Subscribing... Dd Micah has been having such good poops since starting food! I can hardly believe it. It is like a different child...I feel so sad because it was like she was allergic to my bmilk. Ok so she wasn't, it was just what I was eating, but still... She has been doing fine eating vegetables that have been cooked in soup that I make from bones, applesauce, and avocados. Yay! PS Jane, what do you do for a living?
So you know the guy that was locked in the basement? Why did he look different when they were hauling him away in the police car? Or did I miss something good?
I still don't know what to make of my goats milk yogurt. My husband had some and he said it was fine, we drink it with ice and frozen berries and honey. THe yogurt has a definite bite to it, but maybe that is ok? I don't know. I am going to try and make some more next week and maybe not leave it for the whole 24 hrs because the oven temp might be too low. Baby is mad gotta go
I'm sorry you are feeling sick, and it sounds serious. Can you get to a doctor?
We live with my parents, it's been over a year now. So far it's been great! Lots of company for baby, she gets to see lots of interaction and it's nice to have a noisy house. Dh is in grad school and graduates next year so we have a while left to stay here. It's nice to not come home to an empty house every day. I cook, clean and do laundry so I think it's good for my parents. Plus they have a huge house now that my brothers have moved out so we make good use of the space....
My dd is also 9 mo and she likes to carry around a 1\4 of an apple for hours (while crawling and drags it on the carpet) but she has 8 teeth so she can chew it up pretty good. Maybe stuff like squash that is steamed or pumpkin in a big enough piece that he can hold? Or zucchini, or beets (that might be too messy though).
Who plays that funny nun that smiles all the time? She kinda looks like that girl who played opposite Johnny Depp in Cry Baby but not really. Where on earth have I seen her before?? It's driving me nuts....
Just an idea, but maybe your baby is waking herself up because she is peeing? My dd always stirs or starts rolling right before she pees. Maybe next time she rolls over you could check her diaper and see. ?? They don't usually pee in deep sleep so maybe that's it.
Jennifer, is it supposed to be way sour? It tastes so different than the cows milk yogurt that I made. It almost tastes rancid....maybe it is! Ha ha ha Hmm I have to make smoothies out of it, I can't eat it without stuff in it. I could eat cows milk yogurt plain but this stuff is just gross tasting. Anyway it must be working because I've been eating it for 4 days (about 1\2 cup a day) and dd has had NO negative reactions at all! Her congestion is gone, I definitely think...
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