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Thanks everyone! I have been anxiously awaiting the day that I get veggies and other animated emoticons! I'm so happy to be here. Today, I called the local midwifery clinic to try to book an appt. They should get back to us in 2 weeks as to whether they can take us on.
Hi all, finally I am joining you now that DW is officially pregnant with my embaby(ies)!
Mrs. Sx2- high antral count is really good- an indication of how "youthful" your reproductive system is. I'm excited for your cycle! Lea- DW is feeling a little queasy these days as well. Congrats again on your BFP! QOTD- this process has been emotionally challenging for us because we can both be bio and non-bio and gestational and non-gestational parents. At first, we decided to do IUIs with me because DW earns 2x as much as me, but through the past year, DW realized...
Jwaite- we are trying to distract ourselves, but it is difficult. I am playing in a hockey tournament this weekend, so I'm a little more distracted than DW. How is your TWW going? Lea- holy moley! Yayayaaay!!!!! So excited for your BFP! Mrs. Sx2: good luck with TTC! It has been a roller coaster for us so far, but this forum has been such a great help- both in information and also emotionally. If you ever have questions or just need to vent, we're here for youx2.
Thanks for the shiny new thread Jwaite! Can you move me to Braving the TWW? Thank you!
Lea- we actually tested yesterday (which is the equivalent of 9dpo), and got a bfn. I regret letting her poas because now she is so depressed about it. I guess I remember that feeling when we were trying with me. But she does not want to test until the blood draw. She is also sad because she has no symptoms at all now. No sore breasts, no fatigue, nada. I keep trying to be optimistic, but it's really challenging. On a happier note, I only had OHSS-like symptoms for 3...
Thank you Hopeful and Pook! We are honored to brave this TWW with you both! So far, DW has just been having mild cramping on and off the past few days. She's also been super itchy all over. I don't think that's a common sign though lol.
Thank you for all of the support everybody! We had 7 very good quality blastocysts make it to day 5! 2 of those are currently trying to implant in DW, and 5 have been frozen for a potential sibling. Things went really well on Sunday, and we test for HCG on Feb 5th. This TWW is hilarious because DW used to make fun of me and not take any of my symptoms seriously, and now that she's the potentially preggo one, she is freaking out about everything. It is fun to watch the...
Fille- get well soon! Darcy- so sorry about the chemical. I love your positive attitude though! I myself have never seen a positive before! It bet it is surreal. Jam- good luck this weekend! Sandiego- I reached a point where I couldn't emotionally handle having any of those baby/pregnancy/TTC apps on my phone, and deleted them all. It felt like a clean slate (especially when babycenter isn't sending you notifications about your non-baby's development) and was better for...
Tavi- I agree with the other advice given above, especially that stress can mess with your cycle, big time. TTCinKS- you could try curving the catheter into a C-shape. Not all cervixes are straight. If you're getting in just a little, but facing major resistance, that might help. Also- 2 IUIs is nothing to worry about. You're still within the range of normal. AFM- egg retrieval was yesterday! RE retrieved 21 eggs, and of those, 14 of them fertilized! Yay!
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