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Happy autumn everyone! Just dropping by to say hi. I have heard nothing from the endocrinologist, and our RE clinic now isn't returning my calls/emails. Very frustrating. Good luck to everyone on their growing of follies, implanting of blastocysts, and BFPs! liz- glad to hear you're doing great!
sandiego78- we're also doing IVF non-insured. So far, our 4 IUI tries have cost us approximately half of an IVF. If your DP has lots of eggs it might be worth it to go this route. For us, the FET itself is only 1/5 of the cost of the IVF itself, in case it doesn't take the first time around.
jwaite- I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you heal from this physically and emotionally quickly. Good news is- you've proven that you CAN get pregnant. fried- thanks for following and your thoughts. Any news yet on your IVF plans?
invitn- having become frustrated with natural cycles and femara-stim'd IUI's, we decided to go the route of IVF. It's costing us 12 grand out of pocket, plus about 5 grand for meds (meds covered by our insurance hopefully). But we're in Canada, where the pricing seems to be different than the states. It's expensive, but we got tired of waiting and the emotional toll TTC-ing was taking on us. So far, on 4 unsuccessful IUi's we've spent almost 8 grand already anyway. AFM- I...
welcome bettertomarry! after we do the egg retrieval, I will also be the non-gestational parent. I'm already starting to feel a bit left out of the process (as DW dreams about her future pregnancy, first year of mat leave, etc). We're here to support each other! fried- I am happy to share. Google "mamaetmaman" and my Wordpress blog should come up. I've posted recently about our protocol. I'm so excited for you! And good luck and congrats on the upcoming wedding! Big hugs!
fried- I'm excited for you and the IVF! isa- thanks for the info. Mine seems to want to keep me on the BCP for longer than one cycle. Not sure why. lea- welcome back. I have distanced myself from "baby dreaming" because of how crushed I felt last BFN. That's how I have been "coping". I am also doing that as a way of not dealing with my self-inflicted sense of disappointment over my fertility. My wife is 38, and went in for her first ultrasound, where they told her that...
Ooppps! Pressed reply too soon. Our RE clinic has been very bad at communicating their plans for us. I've been kind of frustrated because our schedules are so inflexible, that I NEED to plan ahead, but the clinic won't call or email me back. We have an appt with the RE himself on Sat, so I'm hoping to get some answers. FX for everyone.
Hey everyone! Hope all is well in queer baby-making land! We're onto plan b now- reciprocal ivf. Right now we're both on day 1 of birth control pills. isa- how long do they plan on keeping you on them? When are they starting the ovulation suppressants?
Hey TWWers! FX for each and every one of you!!
Just dropping by to say hi and send sticky baby dust to friederike!
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