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liz- Sorry to hear about your friends' baby. Did they find out why it didn't survive? Excited for your betas! Confirmation is always good. jenny- hope your insem goes great! Don't worry about the multiple follies turning into septuplets. If anything, it'll just increase your chances of getting that BFP! Welcome to the TWW! sandiego- I'm so glad to have found this group as well. Even if I told all my friends we were TTCing, they wouldn't be as fun, supportive, and...
hey all! Just a quickie.. I have been spotting for the past two days, and thinking it might be implantation bleeding, I tested today 12DPO, and it was negative I'm gonna wait and test again on Tuesday. Hoping for a better result. I used the Internet cheapies. Anyone have luck with their pregnancy tests?
just a quick note to give Liz a high five on her BFP!!!! Liz, it's been a pleasure, but I'm so excited for you to graduate! Have fun at your party Just at the airport, on our way to Hawaii!
AFM- I have had a dull but constant cramping ALL DAY today. I am 10DPO today, and on progesterone suppositories, so it isn't AF. I am hoping it's implantation and not an adverse reaction to all of the food I've been devouring since being back home in Vancouver!
jenny- I was gonna say- your e2 and lining is amazing! That's usually what causes all the EWCM. Good luck girl! Grow follies grow!
redrockband- I am going nuts too. DW won't let me pee on a stick til Tuesday, 14dpo, which also happens to be our 3rd wedding anniversary.
hey all! fmorris- I'm sorry about AF. In some ways it does serve as closure for the anxiety and suspense of the TWW. liz- can't wait to hear the news! beastie- dang girl. You are fertile! Careful sitting on toilet seats... Lol. sandiego- 9DPO is still early, and it takes up to 3 days for HCG to show up in urine. Fingers crossed for you two! jwaite- welcome to the TWW! Hope you have a lucky round! jenny- I'm a slow responder to fertility drugs too. Stubborn...
liz, fmorris- I agree with Jenny. Pee on something already! Lol. beastie- two for two! I hope you hear about blood soon! jenny- you are hilarious! Hope your timing was perfect! AFM- 9DPO- the most common day for implantation, and my unlucky ass is heading on a 5 hour flight to Vancouver (my hometown) then Seattle, and Hawaii on Sat morning. That's 6 flights! Dang. I worry about the radiation, but if I have an x-men like mutant child with special powers, that's ok too!...
happy birthday Liz!!!!!!!- hope you get everything you wish for
beastie- fingers crossed!!! You might have an early implanter! Darken darken darken!!
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