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LouisW, so if vitamin D cures almost everything, why do people who get enough of it from the sun still die? Stands to reason IF what you say is true, they wouldn't die of various diseases. And you all know that you can overdose on fat soluble vitamins, of which D is one?
WBVs can diagnose all sorts of things you might not find at home-heart murmurs ( if you've never heard one, you won't know what it is), eyesight problems, obesity! Yes obesity! And as another poster stated hip problems and an undescended testicle. Please find a dr you like and take your child in!
For next time, I mean.
According to the CDC, from 01-08 13.2% of tetanus cases reported (in 45 states) were fatal. If you're over 65 (along with some other risk factors) this rate increases. Guess you have to decide if it's worth it.
To ma2two- by exposing yourself at chickenpox parties to prevent shingles...well...do some real research. If you get the chickenpox, you will have the SAME virus in your body that CAUSES shingles. The virus just manifests itself in different ways. If you never get the CP virus, you won't get shingles. Personally, after seeing my now 84 year old mother be the sickest I've ever seen her with shingles, not something I'd like to get. It's very nasty. That's why they...
You never want to give a vaccination if a child has anything other than a mild illness, so no, don't vaccinate now. I would wear a mask. I'm a nurse, worked peds.
Uh, no. A mil: case does not necessarily mean you'll be immune. Need to have titers to make sure you have full immunity.
Actually, they WOULD stop labor at 35 weeks. And most 34 seekers' lungs are NOT mature. 35'weeks is iffy. And yes, a 35 weaker may need oxygen for a day or 2, and an I'VE, and maybe antibiotics, and oh yes, 35 weekers still die. I'm a NICU nurse, and have done OB. Please get your contractions stopped next time or you could have a disaster!
Ladies, I'm a RN and I believe you might all have depression, not postpartum depression. Please get some professional help, you do not have to live this way. I should know.
New Posts  All Forums: