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Thanks but i thought i explained it wasn't actually the money / house etc i was really upset about - i don't feel entitled to anything really - i can't explain myself further - actually your post made me cry - so i'm deleting my original post - and opting out.
wow, just wow.  It sounds like you 'friend' saw you as  $$$$ I'd let go of it and move on, it is their loss, not yours, best you know now rather than down the line.   There are lots of good people out there don't waste your time and energy on these people.  it sucks to be taken advantage of.
  Yeah, it's not even just my needs, we always talked about my boys living in her house and now not, so i guess i feel let down for them.    I think if I inherit the house i'll have to pay like 3-7k worth of solicitors fees, which i couldn't afford so if i came with a tenancy i'd have to refuse it really. Her house is very small and was very inexpensive, so i doubt i'd find something cheaper!    But yes, i'm putting that complication out of my mind, i guess i need to get...
I don't think she is ..... she is very child like though, so she just doesn't think anything through and is very reactive. I guess i find it hard because emotionally she has never supported be and has been abusive in the past, but since my father passed away i have had to look after her. In a way this man is welcome to the house, if he can look after her and deal with her rubbish then he deserves it.   I just need not to get my hopes up when she is nice to be because i...
That is a good idea, i have  relative who used to work for them, i'll ask.
You see I know where you are coming from - this is why i asked for opinions because in some ways i feel the same - it's not really about the house i guess - it's more about the issues i have with my mum and feeling bottom of the pile. 
Thank you. I might see if I can have a chat to someone about it and see where i stand. 
and on a lighter note - Woo hoo -  i did a multi-quote for the first time 
It is all in my mums name, my dad didn't have a Will. I does seem fair that he should get to stay in the house if he invests in it in some way, but fair or not it still upsets me, i guess i was ok with her having a boyfriend and him living there but i guess this takes it one step further - he still has to leave his wife first, maybe i don't trust him. Yeah, except she wont put it in a Will about him on any stipulations because that will cost her money. I guess i need to...
yeah i know, i shouldn't even worry about it right now. Its just that last weekend she was talking about writing a Will but wanted to make sure that i let him live in the house. I guess i wanted to ask if it was reasonable to be upset about this request or if i'm being selfish - I have so many mother issues i can't gage any more whether my reactions to her are normal or not. 
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