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MIL says in her most chipper tone, "Well, I'm not missing the birth.  I plan to be here."  Is it normal for inlaws (in my case we hardly know each other) to invite themselves to your house for your birth?  I am planning a very undisturbed homebirth...and this woman hates me.
We have given up on naming till we see the wee one. I feel ya.
The inlaws are definitely more problem than solution.  I am grateful for this little one, if a bit overwhelmed.  Just the wrong place to let it out.
I would be interested as well.
ya, just pretend this was never here. cant seem to delete it. <3
Your son is beautiful!  
So thrilled for you!  
More than one professional midwife has suggested booze for early labor.   Using ultrasound to detect lung development, a new method since 1991: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1046/j.1469-0705.1991.01050345.x/pdf   Size of the baby has more to do with suckling issue and needing extra care from what I've seen.   Seems the above could be right about the bed rest (depending on the cause of prematurity), but do take it easy, Love. <3
wise words
In Spiritual Midwifery, Ina May suggests using alcohol to stop early labor.  I would also think bedrest would be of great benefit to you.  An ultrasound can tell you if baby's lungs are developed and give you an idea of his size.  I personally wouldn't want to do UC at less than 36 weeks but, I might choose to if in that situation.  I attended a 35 week UC and all was well, he weighed 4 lbs 3 oz and breathed right away.  I know you will take the necessary precautions and...
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