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You hit on some things I wasn't able to put in my original post.  I am not always able to stay outside with her during potty time (I have a 2 yo i can't leave alone for too long at a time, and weather doesn't always permit to take him outside too. If I get him dressed for outside, it's too late and she's peed already. If I do take my son out with the dog I can't get him back in without a huge melt down.), so I can't reward her every time. And usually its with hugs and...
Yep, I have. They suggested the same advice I found everywhere else.  
Hello all! I appreciate any unconventional advice you may have!   I have done everything the books, training sites, trainers, her vet, dog-owning friends and family, and common sense tells me to do and yet our little pup still pees and poops inside way more often than she does outside. Here is what seems to stump everyone:   SHE PEES WHERE SHE SLEEPS   Including my son's bed. She rarely pees on walks (only done that once) and has never pooped on a walk. She...
Shared on fb! Good luck to me, I never win anything! LOL
My favorite thing is having him right there with me. I can get things done, cuddle him, and share the day whatever I have going on, with him.
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