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Hi Mamas, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with any of the docs at West 11th Pediatrics downtown. My main concern is vaxes, as we're not doing them. Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks, Fabienne P.S. The doctors' names are Genevieve Ferrier, Lori Rosello, and Alessandra Zullo
Hi, Checking in late, but please add me-- March 19 Or, as I tell anyone who asks, end of March. That way they won't start calling on the 12th just to "check in"! Fabienne
I knew I came to the right place! Thank you all so much for your help. Fabienne
I thought this might be the best forum to post this question since the home/unschooling parents are so resourceful! I am trying to find plastic storage bins for this shelving unit we just inherited. I want the bins that look like this: http://www.tiny.cc/hYH4R Does anyone know where I can find these? So far all I can seem to find is places that sell the actual shelving units, but I already have that. I'm trying to shop online, BTW. TIA! Fabienne
nak yay! thx for the suggestions, mamas! we'll try a combo of things, starting w/not using disposable liners & doing the jelly roll. sarahbay--many poops were leaking onto his clothes AND ours!!! btw, where can i find semi-fitteds? also, what do ya'll use at night?
cute, cute, cuteness!! jean-luc will be one month old on thursday! oh, how time flies... i'll post some pics on yahoo.
We have a 4-week-old baby boy whose poops leak out of just about every diaper (out the sides 99% of the time--I think he blew out the back like twice). We use prefolds with PUL and wool covers most of the time, and we also own a couple of fitteds in his size. When we are out and about, we use Tushies. No matter the diaper, the kid leaks out of it. We thought cloth dipes ensured fewer blowouts. Are we doing something wrong? We've tried the newspaper fold, the bikini twist,...
congrats, nanner!!! can't wait for birth story. 7 is the number of completion. your stella is the full package
nak logged on twice in 1 day! getting better @ the 1 handed typing emmy--thx for the yahoo info. i just sent a msg. i don't miss being pregnant 1 bit. the heartburn was HELL on earth!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by miamommy Time is flying by and Abby is growing so fast! We took dd to the pool at the college and Abby got a sunburn on her cheeks and nose! I don't know how it happened, I was so careful. I haven't found a sunblock that says its ok for under 6 months, let me know if any of you know of one! California Baby's stuff is safe. P.S. Sorry to hear nursing with Abby is not going as you had hoped...there's plenty of time...
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