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Thanks so much to everyone for some really good and useful info. I'm really committed to this, so even if it takes my family "seeing it to believe it," from all your posts, it sounds totally doable and worth it. Glad to hear I can stop shopping for that wet suit, too Fabienne
I am excited about CDing our new baby (about 8 more weeks to go!), but my mom and my husband both keep asking how in the world I am going to keep a baby's clothes dry in a cloth diaper unless I use plastic covers. After reading through several threads, I realize that leaks do happen at times, and that night-time may require some particular accommodations so that we don't end up in a wet bed every night. However, also from what I have gathered, it seems wool and hemp do a...
I would love a forum dedicated to this topic! I am Haitian with African and German Jewish roots. My husband is Scots/Irish and from the U.S. We are expecting a boy on June 4th! Thanks to Kathryn for the book suggestion. Will definitely check it out. I have been "collecting" book titles for bi/multi-racial and/or black children, and about raising bi/multi-racial children, ever since I knew my husband was "the one." I'd love to hear about books others have found (I'm listing...
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