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Gosh--my heart is going "pitter patter" over your little cutie!
All I can say is WOW! Gorgeous!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are my back labor/TENS unit sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the TENS was MADE for back labor!! Anyway, SOOOOOO happy for you. Happy babymoon!
: Congratulations! What a touching story!
AAAAWWWWW!! Congratulations! He's beautiful!
Grace, I have had a rough 2 1/2 weeks with BFing myself--so much so that it's kept me away from checking email and being on the boards for most of that time. I posted in last week's weekly thread about Jean-Luc having a jaw issue that didn't allow him to open his mouth completely, making for a very tight latch involving him gumming at my nipples to get milk. It is extraordinarily painful. We saw a chiropractor for a couple of weeks (had our last appt today) to help...
Quote: Originally Posted by sinsaratea well. i'm having my baby tomorrow. i know this b/c i am being induced. i've been crying all afternoon. evidently low fluid, blah blah blah, fetal weight down (as if they know), blah blah. i know there are some women out there who take the pit and go natural the rest of the way, but what are the chances it will be me? this whole domino effect of pit scares me. in fact, i wasn't scared of labor until now. i...
A very belated thank you for all the good thoughts and congrats! I feel like I just stopped nursing for the first time in 14 days
Quote: Originally Posted by famousmockngbrd to everyone who feels like they need one. These last few days are hard. : I'm with all of you in spirit, if not on the boards as much as I would like. Am currently typing with one finger while Jean-Luc sleeps on my chest, jealous of the mamas who have mastered the art of NAK!! BTW, thanks for all the kind words and congrats on the babe's arrival. Today is exactly 14 days!!!!!!
this is exactly why I've missed ya'll so much!!!!!!!!!! You're awesome, Emmy! Hang in there and try not to fall apart like I feel I have--
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