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: It's a party! Congratulations, Aubrey, and welcome to the world, Kanyon. Beautiful name for a beautiful child.
I just wrote a long message and lost it, so given my grumpy mood, I'm just starting this new thread and going on my way. No labor progress--can you tell? P.S. I don't know how to make the little envelope that shows up on the threads list red, though I see the weekly threads usually have red envelopes. Sorry if I did this wrong!
Well, maybe I won't be pregnant until next June after all! I've been having mild contrax since around 6-ish. I know I could go on like this for a couple more days, but these contrax are definitely more painful than the BHs had been for the past few days. The only thing still frustrating me is that I'm having no discharge, mucous, or anything remotely bloody. I called my MIL, who is a women's health nurse practitioner, and she said in her experience a woman at this stage is...
Oh, Raina! I'm right there with you. I have no idea how dilated or effaced I am because I am too much of a control freak to be equipped with that much information :LOL . (I'd be spending ALL my time wondering--did I dilate a cm more in that last hour? How about now? Kind of like a kid on a road trip: "are we there yet? how about now? now? now?" etc.) Like you said, your body can do this! Enjoy your glass of wine and bath, and maybe tomorrow we won't hear from...
Thanks for sharing that story, Emmy. Hearing positive stories of beautiful births is exactly what we all need at this stage!!
Raina--thinking of you and sending labor vibes!!! (Hoping they rub off on me too!!) Emmy--I hope you're right that you got the babe in the right position!! Pepper--thanks for that link! It was helpful to read those stories, though I hope none of us actually have to experience 46-week pregnancies!! In the end it's a matter of trusting our bodies, and (for me personally) trusting that God has got my back and everything will happen as it should. I've actually...
Congratulations! What a pretty babe
Congratulations, Danielle!! Can't wait to read your birth story and see pics of your little beauty .
Cool! Is the "I" at the beginning a "short" I, like in Ismael, or is it an "E" sound (Eestra)? I love unusual names!!
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