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Thanks for the sizing advice! I have so much to learn!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! Those were amazing, and Gwendolyn's birth story is amazing too. Helped me to feel even more excited about our upcoming waterbirth!
Pepper, my favorite Irish name for a boy is Kieran. We would use it since Brent is Scots-Irish, but our last name is Gibson, and it kind of rhymes, so it doesn't sound that great. Also, we need a name that will sound good when pronounced by my Haitian relatives, and Kieran is definitely not that name :LOL . bamamom, You know, Fabienne is a very pretty French name as well . Seriously, though, I have had a really hard time with my name living in the U.S. People...
Quote: Originally Posted by NightOwl :LOL One minute I'm in total denial that I'm even pregnant, the next I feel totally calm and confident about the birth and life in general. Someone stop this ride! :LOL Word!
Weehoo! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about it. Welcome to the world, precious little girl.
I already have some sposies from well-meaning friends, plus I know they'll have them at the hospital, so I'll either bring my doublers or my flushies (or both) to place inside the sposies b/c of the gel issue. I'll also be picking up a package of newborn Tushies for the first few days at home.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nikki~ I was an A cup before pregnancy, and went up to a D after my milk came in. It goes without saying that my regular bras got tired pretty quickly. Which brings up another point...should I just wait until my milk comes in to get the right size, or am I about the size I will be (am 39 weeks 4 days) once milk does come in? Nikki, I am also an A cup, and just the prospect of becoming a D makes me say HOLY...
Davina, I feel OMG about having a boy, even though I don't have a girl to compare it to...just feel like I would "know" what to do better with a girl. I know it's all in my head, though. I had heard the olive oil thing too; will definitely be creating large batches of homemade wipes solution with it. AAAAAAHHHHH! I'm having a baby!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by swedemom try pulling your boob out and over and sit there for a bit, see if the bra digs in or not. Good tip! Not fun at all. :
Thanks, Mamas!! Ya'll are so very helpful--I have an excuse to go shopping!!!
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