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Gorgeous pics, Selena! I'm sure the baby won't mind being known as Baby Girl for the rest of her life
thanks for the diaper feedback, Sara and Davina. I do think 7th Gen uses some kind of gel, but I could be wrong. It's not like I have any idea how to read those ingredients lists, KWIM? Anyway, good to hear about the meconium not being known for staining. Any time people describe it, I envision road tar, so that's probably why I had it in my head that staining would be an issue. I'm having really bad period-like cramps, which I think means something is happening with my...
So far I have this one nursing sportsbra, which I got for the birth and to nurse the baby at first, but I've been wondering whether I should stock up and get more nursing bras. For the mamas who are nursing veterans, what do you think? Are they really useful, or do you do just as well pulling the boobs out of your regular bras?
Thanks for sharing the pics; Sammy is a cutie patootie
Wishing you a good birth!
Goodness gracious that was a lot of posting! There is so much I want to reply to, but I doubt if I'll remember everything...Here's a go: Fey: She is gorgeous Thanks for the affirmations of my moodiness/craziness, sisters. I was in a FABULOUS mood today. Go figure. Sposies: Am I being overly anxious about the gel in sposies? I keep thinking maybe I'll lay a couple of sheets of the flushies we got inside the sposies, b/c I certainly don't want to ruin my cds with...
Congratulations to you and your husband, Jennie! Welcome to the world, little Ely! (Love the name, BTW).
I am so incredibly jealous of all the people having mucous plug activity! I feel like the fact I haven't means I'll be pregnant for another month : . Of course it's not like my house is ready, or that that chapter I've been bitching about is done, but I just want to know EXACTLY WHEN this little man is going to make his entrance. Of course when it does start to happen, I'm sure I'll be freaking out! Why am I such a spaz?? Moodiness...I have been very weepy lately. I...
WOOHOO! Congratulations! Blessings to you all, and happy babymoon!
: Awwwwww! What a gorgeous picture of the two of you! She is beautiful
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