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Ooh, pretty name, Elaina Pearl. Am nesting like a champ as well. I want to re-do the entire house!!
Quote: Originally Posted by cmili Already tried..and yes blanched does seem to make a big difference. Not sure why. Also, I only ate three. With them raw I was eating like 6. Any idea how long they will keep? Awesome! I'm so glad. I imagine if they're dried out all the way, they can probably last a good week at least. Prob don't want to seal them up in something airtight while they're still moist (?) I really don't know for sure. **All...
: YAY! Congratulations to you and yours, Selena. Happy babymooning . Not for you to worry about, Selena: I've been trying to look at the picture since this afternoon but am not having any luck . Can someone help?
Adding more s to the mix!
Glad my husband and I are not alone!
Carra, definitely LMK if the blanching makes a difference. Part of me thinks it would be something about the skin of raw almonds that would help with HB, but maybe not. Will be interesting to find out. S-A, no problem. I have had HB since my pregnancy test came out positive :LOL and I think at this point I would try eating a piece of concrete if someone told me it would work :LOL To be fair, though, I have noticed a marked improvement in my HB since my belly dropped a...
Hi Carra, You don't have to eat both/eat them together. I tried raw almonds too, and they didn't do much, but the carrots have been working. As for blanching almonds, I have no idea. I thought you could buy them that way. I've heard other people say raw almonds are good for heartburn, but if that's not working great, maybe blanching would be the answer. Let's see if I can dig up something with my friend Google... Aha! Found something: To blanch shelled almonds,...
: Can't wait to hear!!! Sending good labor vibes your way!!
My aunt got us The Flower Peddler's Baby Bottom Balm. She swears by it. The main ingredients are olive oil and calendula.
Thanks for sharing all those cute bellies! I finally got my act together--here is my belly at 38 weeks and 5 days. It is a BALLOON! http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y27...m/d6c306c5.jpg
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