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My kids are attending public school for the very first time, I have a 4th, 3rd and 1st grader.  Until this year we have homeschooled.  Im pleasantly surprised by how wonderful school is!!  The teachers are so supportive, as is the administration.  My kids have had a super easy transition into school. What I like about it: Not driving a few hundred miles a week to get in art, gym, music classes and getting together with friends for my 3 extroverts.,,they get it all at...
Here is the thing...my homeschooled kids are starting PS next week..they are going into 4th, 3rd and 1st grade. I have hair that is usually pink or purple. Since they are going to school I went back to a natural shade, but I hate it, my dh isn't too fond, and my kids miss my hair being purple (they can find me easier they say) I went back to a natural shade because I didn't want to provide a reason for kids to tease my kids, or for parents to not want their kids to be...
I understand your concerns. However- what is the most important thing here? That she gets toys that pass your test, or that she has an involved loving grandmother? My mom died a few months ago and I really wasted time and put added strain on our relationship with things like this. I wish I hadn't. They aren't as important as one thinks.
I would give it up only if: A) it wasnt turning out to be the best educational choice for my children B) the benefits to everyone involved were greater if they were enrolled into a school....even if it was for a short while during a transition period like a divorce. Bottom line for me is I am responsible for giving/facilitating my kids with a proper education. It is imperative they receive it, and I need to make that happen however it needs to happen.
About every 6 weeks...im bad at maintaining too.
We had one here, and we loved it! It was enclosed by windows, so we could walk by and see how the kids were doing. The women who worked there were really sweet and my kids liked them. Every week they did different activities too.
Who is Tonks?? This stylist has canceled out any bad from the drunk man stylist. ANd she didnt say "Any longer and I could ask to play with your boobies" That gave her even MORE bonus points. Gah! I cannot believe I sat there with that man and let him hack away and say pervy things, I was just so amazed at how crazy it all was
I live on a few acres surrounded by 70 acres of fields and woods...and would flip if a person was standing a few feet away from my porch with my kids outside. We have hunters go through the fields in the fall, and a farmer that occasionally parks in my drive to walk through his field with a machete and big thing of weed killer...the first time that happened I was a bit concerned. But yea, I would call the police, get a big dog and keep things locked down for a bit if I...
There was a Seinfeld episode where George went out with Jerry and Elaine and wore a wedding band in order to pick up women. It was funny.
I will be 33 on the 29th. Yay for years that are divisible by 11!!! I do have to redye every month...but it takes 2 minutes to slap the dye on my head, then I blowdry and stick on a shower cap to sleep with the dye in overnight. It stays vibrant for about 4 wks, and then begins to fade...actually it WAS 4 wks post dye in that photo...didnt want to go to a new salon and dye their towels. LOL! I am thinking for my birthday...since I have to bleach my roots, that I...
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