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Ah coolest thing ever!!!
I keep thinking I feel something!! Like bubbles? First baby and I'm only 13 weeks so I don't know!
I feel like I'm showing already - at least my pants don't close anymore! Ha! I'm 11 weeks
Laura, What a beautiful post. Thanks for the reminder and thank you for sharing. Briana
So great to meet you too light garden! Ill be thinking of you and hoping for easier days ahead!
Symptoms started around 5 weeks, feeling indigestion then from 6 weeks until a few days ago I had horrible acid reflux and queasiness. Food aversions galore (normally I'm not a picky eater at all!!!) moodiness and exhaustion. Fun stuff! Thankfully I'm feeling much more like normal me these past few days which is making me really excited for the second trimester! I'm due around the 4th of April @leavesoflaurel so yes we're close! So exciting! I'm getting my first ultrasound...
I'm feeling the same too! First time mom and 10 weeks. Feeling pretty awful up until a couple days ago - I actually was able to get some things done today and was so happy to feel a little more normal I've researched it too and have found the same info; usually right around the end of the first trimester your hormone fluctuations chill out a bit. Hope this is the beginning of more good days for the both of us!
Ugh yes! But my acid reflux is worse
I'm an English teacher (ESL) and feeling okay most days. I drive to different class locations (sometimes an hour and a half away) so the driving is tiring me out mostly. Stressing about new clients and projects is making me not want to do anything but hang at home! Acid reflux and nausea set in big time last week and as this is my first I'm a bit overwhelmed (plus I live abroad so no family nearby to help I shouldn't complain though, can't imagine farming (my in laws have...
Planning a homebirth! Would love a waterbirth but as it's my first I don't want to have too many plans/expectations! Congrats to all
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