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Yep still on bed rest here.... go back to the MFM doctor tomorrow.  My regular OB stinks.... didn't even check me for dilation on friday, though I've checked, and things are progressing.  I've allowed myself to be on my feet more since we hit the 35 week mark.  My belly is so big and I can't breathe anymore.
Can I just say how tired I am of being pregnant?  My whole body aches, I feel like they are going to drop out at any minute, yet they don't.  Anyways.... ugh.
I'm sorry, hope you get to feeling better soon.  I just have a cold and can barely breathe and feel like crap.... when you are pregnant, any illness is much harder to handle. 
My mom will come up for about a week, she always does  :)  And dh will be able to take some time off work to be with me, I think about a week?
Any one else just feeling done?  My poor body is tired!  yet, I sleep no more than 2 hrs a night.  My belly is streching like crazy and I can't sleep without being in pain.  :(
Way to go baby!
Anyone else taking insulin for GD?  I was on metformin, but it made me feel so sick... was in the bathroom most of the day.  So, I called the doctor and they've switched me.  I'd run out and get it from the pharmacy but we have several feet of snow on the ground and my dh can't get the van out of the driveway. 
My youngest has had some kind of illness all week, was in the hospital for a day, but no real answer to what is wrong with him.  He's finally feeling better, finally fever free, and finally playing... but now I have a runny nose and a semi sore throat.... and I've been having contractions for 2 days!  I'm avoiding a hosptial visit, because well, we want Christmas as a family.  As long as I'm lying around drinking tons of water things are fine.... so my dh has been doing...
I know how you ladies feel.  Our doctor told us to aim for January 18th which is the 35 week mark for the twins.... we've had a complicated pregnancy, so he says if we can make it that far he'll be happy!. 
YEs, only 3 pounds from my starting weight.  I was so sick the first few months and lived off zofran it was crazy.  My belly is measuring 36 weeks, and neither set of doctors I've seen have ever mentioned my weight.  They never say to try to gain or lose.... I do eat, not a ton because I swear with the babies in there, there is little room for food!  But I do eat, and I eat healthy.... 
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