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Sortacrunchy-  I have had horrible morning sickness and was on a high dose of ZOfran just to make it through the day, but it does cause horrible constipation!  I am finally to the point where I'm actually hungry, and in just about 2 weeks of slowly taking less and less meds, I've gained like 5 pds!!! I had lost so much from not eating and being sick. ANd the fact that I'm taking less is really making the constipation issue clear up. 
Welcome Brambleberry!  Yeah!  We are due really close togehter.  I too am freaking out about twins, but I'm sure they will be amazing.  
Yes, I agree, it's only meant to be taken for certain days of your cycle.... I'd call the doctor and ask again.  Good luck!
Checking in to see if there were any updates?
Welcome!  We share a due date  :)
Just wanted to update.... we had our gender scan today.... One boy and one girl!!!
So, almost 17 weeks, and man oh man does my lower back/butt hurt!!! I've never had issues with pain in pregnancy but man this hurts!  Any advice on how to feel better?
I have two very different heartbeats when I listen with my doppler, one on the left and one on the right.  The baby on the right is in the back, so it takes a while to find it, but yes, I think if you took time to listen and moved all around you would be able to tell
I've felt a little bit of movement every now and then, though the one baby I feel the most.  I'm almost 17 weeks, so I hope I start to feel the other soon!
Ahhh you girls have lovely little bumps!  I'd post a picture, but have no clue how.  My belly is huge!  15 weeks 3 days with twins and I feel like I'm 20ish weeks due to size.  I feel them move on occassion when I'm paying attention.  Can't wait until they really get active and I can feel them more.
New Posts  All Forums: