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In Allentown and seeking a home birth. Meeting with Laurice this week and would love to hear about experiences.
Unfortunately the rumors you are hearing about closing taking a long time in NY are mostly based in fact. We had an offer accepted the day after Thanksgiving and didn't close until Jan 13th. Attorneys muddy up the water. You are spot on about the realtor you spoke to trying to pressure you. The market is improving but Bufffalo isn't Seattle, the hard press is not there. It will be harder in you in NY without a realtor but it can be done. Stay strong! Also anyone in...
The east of Downtown Buffalo that you are hearing the " bad" rumors about is most likely the "fruit belt" it is a section of streets near the medical corridor downtown. Very economically depressed and deteriorated, unsafe and just better to avoid. East side refers to East of Main Street. When you travel north of the immediate downtown area you get to Univeristy heights, which is not a great family area as it has a lot of college housing and economically depressed...
Please do!
It made me so happy so happy to read your post. I lived in the Elmwood village for five years. That was where I met my husband! It is a great place and a true neighborhood. Random strangers become friends and every race, belief and creed is accepted as they are..
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Moving state to state has been rough. I am interviewing a midwife next week. Are you a home birth midwife?
Does anyone know of a VBAC home birth midwife closer to Allentown?
I am interested in a home birth in South Whitehall, PA. It would be a VBAC and I need recommendations. There is only one name I have found so far, Jennifer McFarland. is she good? Anyone have experience with her? Others? Help
Hello! I am moving to the Lehigh Valley within the next two months and am interviewing home birth midwives. If you have not already completed your observations by then, you are welcome to come to mine! November of this year in South Whitehall! Not sure how to privately message someone here
I grew up in Holland, NY, which sounds like it is right near you. If you are looking for like minded Mommas there are groups in East Aurora and Downtown Buffalo. Great farmers markets in both areas as well! I still miss WNY alot
New Posts  All Forums: