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Yes. Because of shared custody of my oldest.
We would LOVE this! My kids are 7, 4, and 20 months and love nature. They are always stuffing rocks, flowers, bugs, gumballs, pinecones, leaves, and sticks in their pockets and bags. We are in Texas
I started out homeschooling and have realized that Unschooling is the best "method" of learning for my kids. I had several negative comments about homeschooling my kids and I had a good set of comebacks that I relied on, but I have yet to speak of Unschooling to anyone outside of our homeschooling group. I've heard a lot of crap about my 4.5 year old not reading or going to preschool and then praise on my seven year old (as of March) reading large chapter books. Do any of...
I am starting on Christmas gifts as well :) I am hoping for a fully homemade Christmas this year.
I know that I am several months late, but I'm in :) Right now I am working on a knitted blanket, two hand embroidered Mei Tai carriers, and have two gauze wraps tie dying. I have a short attention span and always have a few projects going at once. lol. I will make a list of what I want to craft this year and then type it up on here in a bit. I have already made quite a few things so far this year, but I won't include them.
I am a birth junky (to say the least) and have been looking into becoming a midwife, birth advocate/educator, and doula. I have found tons of information on all of the above, but I still feel confused and don't know what the first step to take in anything. I guess I need a book for dummies on what to do to pursue these careers. I have found a few different schools to go through : Traditional Midwife.org is promising, since they have all of the programs that I am looking...
I'm Elisha! I am a single Mommy to three amazing kiddos. Two girls, ages 7 and 4, and a little guy that is 20 months. We are pretty crunchy. I homeschool my kids (we are actually closer to Unschooling), cloth diaper, breastfeed until self wein, Attachment Parent, wear my kiddos, co-sleep, and am an extreme birth junky. I am hoping to become a doula, birth educator, and midwife within the next few years. I am lucky enough to work from home and spend every minute with my...
I'm the single Mommy to three kiddos. My kids are 7, 4, and 21 months. We homeschool (actually we are closer to Unschooling), I EBF, we are an attachment family, we love the arts and music, I am currently a surrogate for a single man, and am an aspiring midwife, doula, and birth educator. I am hoping to find some like mided Mommies near me :)
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