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Im almost positive there is no infection, etc. We did have her examined before, but not tested. She doesn't scratch or act as if that area is bothering her in the slightest, other than when she is doing this...
This is who I used and they were under $6,000 http://www.ocmidwifery.com/  
Linda Cowley is around there I think: http://www.mymidwife.us/
Welcome... Sounds like things are a bit scary for you right now.. But I wanted to say that I've been in a similar situation. I was 19 when I had my first baby. I had been with the Dad for about a week. My daughter is my biggest blessing (shes 13 now!) Sometimes things seem crazy and impossible, but just wanted you to know that they can get a lot better.... Mine did for sure. It was hard, but it was well worth it!   Love to you  
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