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Your strength is an inspiration to me. 
Be selfish. Be selfish for you and your immediate family members. Weddings are but a day in a year. Support and love your brother through his marriage and he will appreciate that more. 
The latest I found was $95 for 2014, $395 in 2015, and $595 in 2016. I'm hoping by 2015 the law will have changed.
Another reason why we're planning a home birth. 
I decided against getting insurance. I'll take the $95 per person penalty. I haven't been to a conventional doctor in 14 years. If I need something done I'll pay cash. I'm cool with socialized healthcare. If it cost me $25/month! But I can't afford an extra $300 a month for something I never use. I'm also self employed. 
Buy the book Nourishing Traditions. It's gotta be in there somewhere. Or google it. I'm sure someone has it posted on-line. Good luck!!!
Thank you all so much for the website referrals. This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you for your assistance.
I meditate. Daily. If I don't, my anger, lack of patience, and irritability comes out. Daily meditation has been the best thing for me to improve the way I react to situations and circumstances. I give my son the dreaded ipad and tell him I'm going to meditate. Everyday. He sees the importance I place on daily meditation, short but daily. Meditation is free and accessible now. It has changed my life.
You leave tomorrow? Good luck!!
The house listed on the MLS yesterday. I listed low so we can sell fast. Hopefully!! How long did it take others on this board to sell their house? I know each region is different just curious. I'm so exhausted from staging and painting that I've lost motivation to pack. Glad I did a lot of that before we listed. I was afraid of people opening closets, drawers, cabinets and finding towering piles of stuff. I still have a lot to do though. My honey came home last night so...
New Posts  All Forums: