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She mentioned the blood clots/muscle loss during our last appointment. Se gave me some lay down exercises to do and said that the "majority" of the day should be spent laying down or in a very reclined position but I can still get up for showers, fix quick dinner, etc. She said that if doing this, the cervix continues to thin out next time they check--then they will do strict bedrest but she started out with this more relaxed version. Strict bedrest will suck--just last...
Today is day one and I can see we already have some new boundaries to set with DS. My mom watched him full time while I worked and apparently there was A LOT of cartoon time. Our cuddle time this morning with a book was constantly interrupted by him asking if he can play with my phone/play on the computer/watch cartoons. Same thing with breakfast time, he refused to eat without the TV on!    My mom is 67 so it might have just been easier for her to turn the TV on versus...
Had my 33 week appointment this morning. Baby A is head down and putting pressure on my cervix, which in turn is making it thin out. As a precaution, OB wrote me out of work and put me on bedrest. She said that with babies head putting pressure down there and the heavyness of the uterus with twins (I measured at 41 weeks today) that the last thing we need is gravity working against us.    This will be interesting with a toddler!
I'm restricted from any exercise per my OB. She said that for every 1/2 hour I am up and around, I need to lay down for 1 hour--it's been boring but it is either this or total bedrest and I cant afford it yet with my work. Thankfully, I have a sit down office job so I'm trying to hang in there a few more weeks.
27 weeks with the girls  
Hello ladies--I was wondering if you could help me out. We accidentally spilled fish oil/omega liquid supplement on our off-white carpet in the hallway. Don't ask how, I don't know :) our dog takes the liquid version for her skin/coat health and someone must have spilled it while taking it out of the pet supply closet. Anyways, I have tried OxyClean, vinegar, detergent, dish soap...and while the smell is gone, I cant take out the big orange stain. Any advice?
Wow LilyKay, your to-do list puts mine to shame! haha :) My to-do list is more of a honey-do list but DH is procrastinating. So far, I just want the exterior of the house pressure washed, screens put in windows and have heating/cooling system vent cleaned and de-dusted (is that a word)? All things I can hire someone to do but DH hates to spend money even more than he hates to do stuff around the house. I promised him a last boy's trip to the woods in September and then he...
I have been doing what you've mentioned "once the babies are here, will you teach them how to draw too?" I noticed he gets excited when planning future activities with them.I am going to start bringing him to work with me on slow Fridays when I have the chance, hopefully this will give him something to look forward to during the week and wont cause a huge tantrum every morning....one can hope!
Usually it would mean the same middle name for all girls and same middle name for all boys in the same family. Would it be lame to just have Aleksa for both middle names?
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