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Stephaniqua, I am so sorry you are going through this. I cant begin to imagine how hard this is for you.   Earthwalker, from personal experience, it helps if you eat a small high protein-no carb breakfast 1-2 hrs before going in and dont carb load the night before. I found that going in on an empty stomach will cause your blood sugar to crazy spike with the drink. I took two 1-hr tests so far in pregnancy after my doctor kept telling me there were higher than normal...
I have a little boy who is 4 years old. He has always been a mama's boy but after he understood that there is going to be 2 little babies that will be joining our family "when the snow comes" he has gotten so clingy and emotional. He always cries in the morning when I leave for work, wont let me take a shower or go to the restroom alone, etc. He still sleeps with us (we have always practiced attachment parenting) and I have been trying to transition him to his own bed in...
We have finally decided on girl names. 1st names are Milania (Mila) and Adeline (Adel). I am just not sure what to do with the middle names. We are Russian, so traditionally, the kid's get the father's 1st name as a middle name adding a feminine or masculine ending. For example, my dad's name was Vladimir, so my middle name is "Vladimirovna".....yes really LOL. It was a pain in the butt in school when kids found out (kids can be so cruel). Thing is, husband is VERY...
Hello ladies,   I was wondering if anyone has any experience with bottle warmers. I will need to be returning to work full time most likely after the girls are born and my mom will be feeding them my (I hope) breast milk from a bottle.   With my son, we never had a bottle warmer. We just placed the milk in hot water to warm up. This time around, we are blessed with twins so I want to simplify things for her as much as I can.    I guess I am really asking if...
Awesome! thanks :) H&M got cute baby clothes too.
I have an amazon registry that is set to private for now--mostly because I cant make up my mind with what I want and am constantly editing it. Since they too discount 10% anything that is left unpurchased, I have added even household items on there that I want (like natural laundry detergent, twin bed and mattress, towels, etc). I figured it is stuff I need and will end up purchasing anyways, so why not get an extra % off if I can.
Epson salt baths I just started, how often do you do it? The package said 2x per week for 20 minutes, but I was wondering if there are different recommendations for pregnant women?
I just read in your sig that you are expecting twin boys! Congrats, so exciting :) :) :) We had out anatomy scan and twin girls for us. My husband went home after the appointment to mourn LOL I went home to shop for dresses.
ah, lie down and rest :) I have been trying to fit this into my day, but it is hard with a full time job and a toddler. I am feeling ok, I am loving finally feeling the babies kick and move consistently, not loving the heartburn from Baby B going from transverse to vertex and pushing up the juices. 
Yikes, I am only at 21.5 weeks and so swollen already. I am following the Brewer Diet so I am not restricting salt (sea salt only) and definitely am getting enough water since I pee at least once an hour or more...but DANG. Can I just say that fall cant come soon enough this year! 
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