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Is anyone else attending this school? I'm seriously considering it and would love to hear from others who have enrolled. 
I'll be a new student midwife as of this week. I want to be a CPM. I'm deciding between WomanCraft and AAMI right now. I might try to do both since WomanCraft is only a year. I just can't seem to find enough info on AAMI's curriculum and program structure for my liking, so I think I'm going with WomanCraft for now. The added bonus is I'll get to participate in their local classes as well as by distance.   I'm planning to start working as a doula while on the path to...
I'm a beginning student midwife and I want to know all these things, too. It's good to get an idea what to expect. I hope there will be more responses. 
Hi Ashley, I'm a new student midwife in Northern New Jersey also going the CPM route. I see this was posted over a year ago with no replies. Any others out there? It would be great to chat.
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