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sorry I'm late on this... "Knitting Backwards Woman" is now on the scene!! Everone stop purling!! lol... no really... you still have to purl sometimes, like if you are doing ribbing, or if your cables have a texture background- but for big flat stockinette- if you don't like purling- you can knit backwards if you want. I'm not saying it's better or anything- but it's something a person can do. I think it might help with avoiding repeat motion injury too. Lastly- be...
they are critical in lace knitting when your pattern repeats - it can be very hard to keep track of where you are. Also- sometimes, even if the "moments" are obvious to the eye- sometimes a stitch marker will help you if you knit without looking- you feel the marker coming and know you have to get off autopilot and "do something"
You need to check your throwing method as well and where you stick the needle- if there is a reason for it- your are good to go... if you are doing it backwards or twisted just because you don't know any better or no one showed you the right way to achieve your goals- you might need to correct something. I have a video on youtube which shows an ambidexterous knitting technique- at one point in that video I do knit into the back legs of the stitches witout producing...
I would look into native landscaping as well as trees which provide food and shelter for your native birds. I don't know where you are located to give suggestions- but you might want to browse some books written by the Stokes to give you ideas on birdscaping for your yard.
just do your favorite increase... no one will grade you on following instructions.
you might want to show her my video on youtube "Knitting Continental Ambidextrously" I don't know- but maybe if she can mix up her hands it will give her some relief. She also might just need to take some time off. I have had hurting hand before and it does get better if you can manage to rest the injury and give it time to get better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jhCV4ZTLrA
I have used 4 motherhood brand XL (fits 40" chest) nursing tanks I'd like to send to a mom who needs them. These are not eBay quality... so don't any re-sellers jump on this. I'm sure someone could use an extra warm discrete layer through the winter...these are worn enough that they wouln't be summer finery. black,light blue, grey and white. shoot me a PM and I'll post back when they are claimed.
I don't know what they are talking about- but what I would do is not a "knit stitch" but rather just a little 1/2 twist with your contrast color in the row/rows where it's not knit at the point where the round ends. So the contrast color obviously does not get carried the whole way around- it just needs to climb up a few rows. if you put a half twist in your yarns (do it in a way so that your contrast color winds up pointing UP in the direction it's going... on the...
OMG! you are a KNOCKOUT!!
That's stealing. She stole your labor. You were commisioned to do custom knitting and she hasn't paid you- yet. I hope that if you don't have the nerve to demand your price- that karma kicks her A$$.
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