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Where would the flaps go when she wasn't using them? - seems like they would be very floppy and annoying crawling around. The way I'd do it would be to just knit the leg too long- if you are feeling fancy- put in heel shaping with shortrows... knit it down long enough to cover her toes- then bind off half the stitches and continue knitting a flat flap about 1.5 inches long... then bind that off and fold it over the toe and sew the edges of the flap to the last 1.5...
Kristin- I''m not positive that you want to actually doubleknit... do you just want double thick fabric? Would stranding with a highly detailed pattern- for example- a checkerboard grid- give you enough added thickness? (that would add a lot of density) or do you want a true doubleknit? What's the goal of the second color? Is it going to create a picture or pattern? The way I usually do the doubleknit is to cast everything on on two individual needles- then combine...
Amazing first project! You are a natural!
Disch cloths and face cloths are nice. Also- you can make a trendy scarf with a beautiful art yarn- like silk- and it's not going to be a cold weather item. Please- they are fun to look at in the store- but stay away from Fun Fur yarns until you really understand what's going on with your stitches- they make it impossible for you to see what's going on. Have fun- knittinghelp.com should be all you need for instruction. -Sarah
I'll confuse the issue even more by saying that fisherman's wool makes me literally SICK... I have been developing and increasing wool allergy- at first it was only when I was spinning- but now it's progressed to spun yarns- and it's not a tactile allergic rash or anything- it's a respitory one... I now find myself suffering with awful sinus infections whenever I knit with natural fibers... but NOTHING hits me as hard as fisherman's wool... it a fast and horrible...
http://thefrontporchswing.blogspot.com/ OK- Blog updated. This was an intense post because I tried to make some graphics to demonstrate what's going on- I hope it makes sense. Feedback please!
OK- I'm knitting a four letter word (lol) on a hat- in the round. No other design- no reason to carry the contrast color all the way around. I have come up with a way (using my ambidexterous knitting) to knit the contrast color back and forth - using floats- not intarsia- while continuing to increase the circular depth of the whole piece. Question... is this a problem you have seen solved elsewhere or did I "unvent" it? Should I blog the technique?
From looking at the chart and the end result- I think that if you manage to increase 12 stitches in that ROW- and in the zone directly above the design ... it will be undetectably similar. Increasing four stitches on one will result in a hole with a fan- not so much of a gather the way as K4tog will... That's a very cute thing! I'd try swatching the chart top down and see how it works before making the big jump.
does that always happen? when you knit ribbing does it do that? It looks to me like you just have a kind of loose cross between front and back. I agreee that moving a few more stitches over to isolate that away from the needle end would be a good fix. BEAUTIFUL sock by the way!
If you are doing it in the round... you don't carry the yarn along- you just let the color skip up two rows! Drop the color pick up the other- be sure to leave just enough slack to allow for some stretch. Change color in the same spot and make it in a place which would be a natural seam if the item was not in the round- if you want to learn the jogless join- you can do that too- but you still would want it in a more hidden place- it's not perfectly invisible.
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