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If they did give a timeout, this is not normal and I'd be having some serious words with the directress. Did she use the actual words 'time out' when you picked your LO up?
You've asked a lot of questions & I don't have the time to reply to everything so I'm linking to a really great site run by an AP mother and AMI trained Montessori teacher.   Personal care :   http://vibrantwanderings.com/2012/04/personal-care-in-a-montessori-home.html   Practical life:   http://vibrantwanderings.com/2011/10/practical-life-with-toddler-naturally.html   Potty...
I hope you're not paying a lot for this pseudo 'Montessori' school. It sounds like your son is not getting the attention or respect he needs and deserves. Follow your instincts, mama and move asap.  
Joining this thread as I have a 19mo who'll be starting at a Montessori pre-school in 4 months. I went to a Monte school as a child, and will start working at the same pre-school as my son when he starts.   How are you all organising your houses re: Montessori? I've just given the living room an overhaul to make all toys and books more accessible.  
I'm new on the forum but have been living in France for several years. I see there are a few France-based mamas here but the threads are a bit old. Who's still around and where do you all live?   I'm in sunny Réunion with my French husband and franglais toddler son.
Dear Dr Markham,   I'm starting work as a Montessori teacher in 4 months, and my son will be enrolled full-time in the same pre-school. He'll be exactly 2 years old when he starts there.   He nurses a LOT at home, at times every 10 or 20 minutes and he nurses to sleep at naptime as well as bedtime. I try to tell him we'll nurse later, and cuddle him while he's crying. But he screams like a banshee and can cry for hours if he doesn't get to nurse. I don't want to...
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