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I have large breasts as well and was very nervous nursing at first.It sounds very strange but the lactation consultant at the hospital told me to gently squeeze down on my breast "like you squeeze down on a sandwhich to take a bite". The analogy really helped me to be less nervous and realize I just may have to help baby out a bit :) Best of luck! I also avoid nursing bras when I can (staying home etc) and wear nursing tanks- much more comfortable for me!  
I have a new baby and am looking to meet some like minded moms in my area (Milwaukee) and possibly join a play group? Any ideas?
I have an 8 week old baby and live in Wisconsin. I like to be active and am looking for things to do with my baby. The weather is pretty gross here lately so walks aren't always an option. I went to a baby yoga class and loved it but cannot go everyday. I'm looking for ideas to do at home. Anyone have any suggestions or exercise/yoga videos they love that incorporate baby?   Thanks :)
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