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Please keep me posted. We are back from vacation and ready for the pox!  A neighbor of mine also had shingles, a week or so before we left. Prior to that I hadn't heard a word of CP.  Funny how life works.  Anyway, we would be willing to travel as we have to get my little guys exposed soon!   Thank you for the updates.
I can't believe the timing.  We have a vacation to disney planned in 22 days.  So, if we were lucky enough to get the Pox after travling to you windydawn, that would mean the kids might break out just in time for vacation.     If someone travels and gets it, please let us all know because I may have to wait for the next batch of pox from this incubation.  Thank you so much windydawn for sharing!  At least we have renewed hope of contagiousness!
This is exciting. Keep me posted as well if you don't mind some extra kids.  At this point I would be willing to travel as well, despite being in NE PA.   Thank you for sharing!
Me too!  Count me in.  I love New Hampshire and could use an excuse for a road trip!
Thank you both!  I just wanted to mention how truly grateful I am to other Mom's willing to help us all out. Please keep us informed.
We just got word of a Mommy in New Hyde Park NY who exposed her children.  If they were to get it, we would be willing to travel and then hopefully if our children get it, we'll invite all of you to the farm for a play date!   I'll keep you posted.  I'm in Wayne County, PA.   Keep your fingers crossed!
My guys did not get it from the vaccinated kid but I have lots of people looking out for CP or Shingles so I'll keep you posted.
I agree.  My son had a fever the other night out of the blue, a mild headache but no pox yet.  I'm now worried because he also had a tick on him two weeks ago so now I'm really praying for the Pox.   I will definitely inform you guys if any of mine come down with CP!
Well, if you can get your child CP then you can titre test them and that might/should replace needing the vac.
So sorry, in my haste I wrote that.  I just imagine the spirochete shaped bacteria as a virus for some reason, but you are COMPLETELY correct.  I meant bacteria.  I'm rather overwhelmed right now.   As far as "Chronic" Lyme, to be accurate it is Post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, but nonetheless, there are chronic effects if not treated rapidly.
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